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Arete offers detox services and a residential living program all with the aim to encourage our clients to get the best care they can as they begin to take an active role in their recovery. We believe the more structure and support clients have the better their chances are of remaining clean and sober.

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Importance of Detox

Drug detoxification rids the body of drugs, alcohol, and other harmful addictive substances. It is an important process and a significant first step in the journey to recovery. Long-term or heavy drug and alcohol use changes a person’s body chemistry, and regular use may lead to a dependence. Once a person abruptly stops or reduces their use, physical, emotional, and psychological withdrawal symptoms likely follow. A medically supervised detox is considered the safest way to manage those symptoms. Quitting cold turkey comes with risks and is not recommended.

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Types of Detox

Finding the right detox program starts with finding out what substance is being abused. Certain substances have different detox requirements as others, and detox programs vary depending on the individual. However, the overall function of detox remains the same. Understanding the nuanced issues of substance abuse is key to a successful transition from addiction to recovery.