We Are Available 24/7

(844) 318-7500

What We Do

  • Luxury and Relaxation

    At Arete Detox, we provide an inviting and comforting atmosphere to better assist in the detoxification and treatment process.

  • Assistance Provided 24-7

    We provide assistance in all aspects for our clients at anytime during the detoxification and treatment process. With our detox experts available at all hours, we're here to help whenever needed.

  • Accommodations Provided

    We provide all the accommodations and amenities for your convenience and clarity of mind. We understand how difficult a process treatment can become, and we're here to make the process as comfortable as possible.

  • Excellence in Service

    With our foundational principles at heart, we place the comfort and necessity of the client above all else. Our ethics and ideals are what makes our service nationally exceptional.

Our Facility

With comfort and relaxation in mind, our facilities are designed to create a calm atmosphere to help our clients adjust to their home away from home.